BCMH, harvesting vegetables

The team BCMH is this for over 20 years in Quimper in the construction of motor Harvest Vegetable Industry : peas, beans, green beans, spinach, snap peas, soya beans.

In 1979, the first SB 8000 is manufactured, this high-tech machine will be present on all areas of production and will continue to evolve. In 1989, a single drummer in the world to bats adjustable current crop is developed. BCMH developed and built the first SB 9000 High Performance threshing, cleaning and capacity.

At the same time, the first harvest of green beans are being developed, and it will come out in 1984 that the BH 6100. The cleaning system on the width of picks in a machine will be revolutionary and market leader for many years. The team of Quimper, listening to its customers and industry, released in 1992 and 7100 BH 1997 BH 8100. This is currently the most powerful machine in both performance time and quality of harvest.

Thanks to his office and his experience over 30 years in the food, the company BCMH is present throughout Europe and on all continents.



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By Ovny