The group BOURGOIN

50 Years of Innovations



BOURGOIN SAS is a French company located in Western France specialized for over fifty years in the design and manufacture of equipments dedicated to harvesting, stripping and shelling corn cob: seed corn, consumption animal, popcorn and sweet corn also... It has established its dominance by becoming the "leader" of his specialty in the worldwide market.

In 2009, BOURGOIN acquired BCMH Tech, based in Quimper, France

BCMH worked for over 25 years in the development and construction of machinery for harvesting vegetables, especially in the harvest of peas, green beans, spinach, edamame, herbs, beans and lima beans.

BOURGOIN and BCMH , through their years of experience, have managed to strengthen their image by becoming world's leading names in their specialty. The international dimension of the group is directly linked to its capacity to drive the product innovation according to the end users requirements and needs.

In parallel, through a diversification strategy, BOURGOIN produces and develops compact telescopic loaders for the agricultural and construction with the acquisition of the company SECOMAG in 2007.





In just 50 years, BOURGOIN became a world player  about self propelled harvesters.
  • 1958: Design of the first corn sheller. Note that corn is a whole new culture in France.
  • 1964: Creation of a limited company. Launching a pilot series of 20 self-propelled corn shellers 2 rows. This equipment harvest and shell at once.
  • 1966: Launch of a 2 rows self-propelled corn-picker. It is harvest corn and leave the cobs (for seed).
  • 1981: Designing a multipurpose corn sheller for tropical crops such as millet, sorghum, soybeans, rice, cowpeas ... This machine gets the gold medal at the Salon International de la Machine Agricole 1982.
  • 1986: Creation, patents developed and filed by BOURGOIN SA, of a combine type AXIAL.
  • 1990: Entry of BOURGOIN SA to the Club No. 1 global export.. The company exports 50% of its expertise in the country's CEE, Eastern countries, Africa (Maghreb in southern Zaire), South America (Argentina, Chile), in Taiwan, China, New Zealand ...
  • 2004: Creating Laidong Bourgoin Shandong Agricultural Equipment Co.Ltd: a joint venture in China with the company LAIDONG.
  • 2005: Construction of a new building on the Vendéopôle of BOURNEZEAU/France.
  • 2006: Study of a new generation of corn-picker B1. The corn picker get 40 years.
  • 2007: Purchase of the company SECOMAG: construction loaders.
  • 2009: Purchase of the company BCMH: manufacture of self-propelled harvesting vegetables industry.
By Ovny