Actualités de BOURGOIN

Ploeger Oxbo Group acquires Bourgoin


June 04, 2013 Bournezeau/ France, Roosendaal/ The Netherlands Ploeger Oxbo Group acquires Bourgoin We are pleased to announce that Ploeger Oxbo Group, through a subsidiary of Ploeger Agro France BV, has acquired all the shares of SAS Bourgoin Investissements ("the Bourgoin Group"), with its headquarters in Bournezeau, France. With the addition of Bourgoin, POG welcomes more than 50 years of specialized expertise to the group, further leveraging upon its capability to globally provide harvesting equipment and related products for niche agricultural markets. Executives of the two organizations say that the combination provides a wealth of experience and expertise to effectively meet its future needs and international expansion. The new partnership creates an excellent opportunity to establish synergies towards further product development and innovation, aimed at reliable, productive and cost effective high quality harvesting solutions. In addition, the...

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