BOURGOIN, manufacturer of corn-pickers for nearly 50 years

BOURGOIN creates, realizes, manufactures and sales, in Europe and all over the world under its own label « BOURGOIN », a range of agricultural machines designated to the harvest of corn in cobs (4 or 6 rows corn picker) : seed corn, animal feed, also popcorn and sweet corn.

BOURGOIN exports its machines for harvesting, shelling or husking the corn in all continents: Europe ; East of Europe ; Asia ; North and South America ; Africa.

Its recognized reputation of the specialist of the harvest is confirmed by its ability to adapt to market demands and customers. Its range of specific self propelled designed to intensive uses constantly enriched technological innovations geared to the needs of a sector increasingly requesting performance: progress power, comfort of the driving position, panoramic and soundproof air-conditioned cabin.



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By Ovny